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Want less stress and lower costs when importing from China and Asia to Australia? Epic creates custom sourcing solutions for Aussie Businesses (that's you!)

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Based in Sydney.
Basically next door.

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No hidden fees; no matter your size or style.

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just smiles.

Epic Sourcing Agents

We're a Sydney-based sourcing agency with a team on the ground across Asia. We can guide you through the manufacturing and import process from start to finish; from supplier prospecting to product sampling and negotiation to shipping. From white-label product sourcing to full design and manufacturing assistance, we got you sorted. That's Epic.
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Reverse Sourcing
Seen something truly Epic?, We'll find out who manufactures it (or who could) with Epic's Reverse Sourcing. Uncover up to five product manufacturers for $129!
Find a Supplier
It's a team effort, let us find your supplier. Join our Supplier
Prospecting Program for just $599

AUD $999
Know what you want?
Our Product Wizard can get you a Golden Sample.
Supplier Verification
Found a supplier already? Give us 48 hours and we'll check them out for you. Our full Verification Report comes in at AUD$149.
AUD $1499
The EPIC Suite
Introducing the Epic Suite, our complete, end-to-end product sourcing service.


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What’s the difference between finding a Chinese supplier myself and using a China Sourcing Agent? What is a sourcing agent?
Can I get something designed from scratch? Do you have an in-house design team?
How much should I pay for a product sourcing agent?
What is the Epic Suite? How does it help me manufacture a unique product from China?
How much could I save by using a Sourcing Agent?
What’s the benefit of using a local, Australian-based China Sourcing Agent?
What’s the minimum order I need to justify using a sourcing agency?
How does manufacturing a product in China work? Do I need to buy pre-existing products or can I make my own?
What is reverse sourcing?

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