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When our company needs to verify suppliers, Alan and his team will always go above and beyond to deliver our requirements on time. We are always provided with a detailed report and efficient information to make the right decision prior to ordering with overseas factories. With having been importing for the past 5-years, we understand the importance of due diligence in choosing the right factories from the beginning, this is where TK's expertise is essential. We have found that TK's service is very affordable, efficient and it's a pleasure to continue working with TK and the team from Epic Sourcing

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— Adam Nicholl
Managing Director
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Signing a contract with a fraudulent or sub-standard supplier could cost you dearly. Always do your due diligence first, especially when dealing with an unknown overseas operator.

Our Epic Sourcing Verification Reports are independent, easy-to-understand and 100% hassle-free—plus, we'll deliver it direct to your inbox in 48 hours or less.

Every Epic report includes:
  • Company and registration details
  • Information on shareholders
  • Copies of relevant business licenses
  • A public legal background report
  • Certification information
  • Import and export licenses
  • Administrative penalties and improper practices
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How the report works:

Obtaining an Epic Sourcing Verification Report is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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How to spot a top supplier

Reputation and reliability
The best suppliers are those you can trust.
We sift through the fraudsters and fly-by-night operators to bring you safe and legitimate suppliers.

High quality products
The best suppliers deliver top quality products your customers will love.
We prioritise suppliers with a history of producing high quality merchandise.

Communication and transparency
Sourcing successfully requires building effective business relationships.
We connect you with highly responsive suppliers who keep you updated during every step of the process.

Industry know-how
The perfect supplier understands your industry and can provide a high margin product to suit your needs.

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