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Graduating in style

Gowntown is a small Australian business selling premium graduation gowns and accessories. The company has earned an enviable reputation for supplying high-quality gowns, caps, and frames to Aussie graduates. If you’re looking to look good at your upcoming graduation ceremony, you need to get in touch with Gowntown.

A long-term client

Gowntown is a special customer in the Epic Sourcing story. The business was one of our first clients from when we were just starting out and continues to work with us today. We’re constantly carrying on about the benefits of building long-term business relationships with key supply chain contacts, and our history with Gowntown is a living example.

Enter Epic Sourcing

As Gowntown began to pick up steam around seven years ago, the company reached out to us for help in fine-tuning their supply chain. The team wanted to strengthen relationships with overseas suppliers, incorporate effective quality control protocols, and bolster reliability in their shipping and delivery timeframes.

A stable supply chain relies on effective business relationships, and a skilled sourcing agent can help build long-lasting collaborations. We take this approach to our client relationships, many of whom have been working with us for several years now. Long-lasting relationships create a mutual understanding that’s highly beneficial in the sourcing world—it makes the whole process more fluid and agile. If a client would like to conduct a last-minute quality control before a product gets shipped, we’ve got a team on the ground ready to do just that. Or, if the client decides to switch suppliers, we can facilitate the arrangement quickly.

Sourcing the Epic Way

Gowntown has successfully expanded its product range in recent years, and our core focus has been helping them increase capacity.

“Epic Sourcing has been an incredibly reliable and professional sourcing manager for many years. Their work has enabled us to gain a considerable competitive edge”. 

                - Edward Keaney, Co-founder at Gowntown

The Timeline

Early 2015: Our First Contact

As their business was expanding quickly, Gowntown got in touch with us for help managing their supply chain. To kick things off, we arranged to source a few products as a trial.

Mid 2015: A New Sourcing Agent

Once the trial had proven successful, we took on the position as Gowntown’s exclusive sourcing manager. The role required us to oversee tasks like identifying new suppliers, developing products, managing orders, and coordinating shipping.

Late 2015: An In-Person Visit in Sydney

We visited Gowntown in Sydney to learn more about their business. From a sourcing point of view, having a clear understanding of the client’s business model is immensely beneficial.

2016: Pumping Out Products

In our first year working with Gowntown, we helped the company source over one hundred unique products. As a result, Gowntown is now supplying apparel and accessories to students at over 20 Aussie universities.

2016 onwards: Looking to the Future

Since 2016, we have continued to offer a comprehensive sourcing service to the Gowntown team. The company continues to expand, and the future is looking bright.
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We Achieve Epic Results 

When sourcing products from low-cost regions like Asia, each business has unique needs. In Gowntown’s case, it didn’t make sense for management to dedicate their time and energy towards the sourcing process. Having a third-party sourcing agent on hand allowed them to source quickly in an effective and affordable way. And when a sourcing-related issue arose, Epic was there to offer solutions.

Should Gowntown need to develop a new product quickly, we’ll find them a reliable, pre-vetted manufacturer who will deliver top-quality results. When Gowntown needs to conduct impromptu quality control checks, our team on the ground in China can sort that out at record speed. That way, Gowntown can spend more time focusing on doing what they do best—growing their business by helping Aussie graduates look slick.  

It’s been an enormous pleasure working alongside Gowntown over the years, and we’re excited about the prospect of helping them with their sourcing for many more years to come.

Cheers to another happy client,


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