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Work exclusively with trustworthy Asian suppliers.
Get better product pricings and contract terms.

Importing products from Asia has never been easier.

Epic Sourcing has the connections and expertise to guide you through the entire importation process. Book a FREE consultation today to learn how we can help your business grow.

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Our clients save up to 50% on each product order

Skip the commission-grabbing middle-people and import straight from the source with Epic.

Learn how we helped a Wairau Park gym cut their sourcing costs in half.

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Check out what some of our past clients have had to say about Epic

Alan and his team industry knowledge, innovative approach and tireless energy have been invaluable in helping us set up our new business. We had a diverse and unusual shopping list, but no stone was left unturned until we found what we were looking for. The challenges of the global shipping crisis have added some stressful moments but as always Alan and his team remains calm and professional and his excellent communication means we are tracking to achieve a great result...and we are having a lot of fun along the way!

— Zac Fitzgerald
Founder at Hoop33

Why go with Epic?

Local expertise

We're an Australian based sourcing agency with a team of experts on the ground in Asia. Thus, we're in a unique position to guide you through the entire sourcing process. Tap into our local expertise and kiss those troublesome cultural and language barriers goodbye.

Better product pricing

If you're keen to import from Asia, the ability to negotiate and communicate with local suppliers is key. We'll sit at the negotiating table on your behalf to ensure you secure the best possible deal.

100% verified suppliers

We only work with the best in the business. No substandard manufacturers,  no 2nd-rate suppliers, and no shady middle-people. We'll hook you up with pre-vetted, industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers so you can source from Asia with confidence.


Sourcing from Asia is simple with the right support on your side. We'll streamline the sourcing process, circumvent the uncertainty, and walk you through every step. Source your products from Asia the smart way and get back to making your business grow.

Over 10 years of experience

Experience counts in the sourcing game. Over the last 10 years, we've helped clients import thousands of products across countless industries. If it's made in Asia, we can source it. And if it's not made there, we'll find a top manufacturer that will make it from scratch.

The personal approach

We're all about fostering long-lasting business relationships. Lots of our clients have been working with us for years—we consider them mates. Although we've got heaps of mates now, we're always on the lookout for more.

What's the most critical product sourcing step?

Finding the right supplier

We link Aussie businesses with the top product manufacturers and suppliers in Asia.

Stop pulling your hair out while trying to find a reputable Asian supplier. Let Epic do that for you* and start importing from Asia like a pro.

*We'll find you the right supplier, not pull your hair out.

“Is my supplier reliable and trustworthy?”
“Have I negotiated the best possible deal?”
“How can I weed out the fraudsters, middle-people, and dodgy operators?”
“Will my supplier deliver a quality product on time?”

Alibabaaa black sheep...

B2B platforms like Alibaba make it easy for Aussie businesses to source cheap products from Asia.

Unfortunately, however, you'll have to weed through a farmyard full of black sheep before you find your prized Merino lamb.

Agricultural analogies aside, Epic exclusively works with trustworthy, 100% verified suppliers and manufacturers. We'll hook you up with the perfect supplier so you can source from Asia like a pro.

Looking for a tailor-made sourcing solution?

Whatever stage of the sourcing process you’re in, we've got a customisable solution for you. 

Find a top Asian supplier

Source a ready-to-sell product

Manufacture your product idea in Asia

Verify a manufacturer or supplier

Reverse Source an existing product

Learn more

Ship your product to Australia

Factory audits and quality control

Find the right product manufacturer in Asia
Get your product manufactured in 2022
From a scribbled napkin diagram to a retail-ready sample in your hot little hands, we'll walk you through the entire product manufacturing process.

Book a FREE consultation today and we'll start making it happen.

What exactly is white-label sourcing?

The quickest way to begin selling products online

White-label sourcing is when you import existing retail-ready products from Asian suppliers.

choose a product you want to sell online

Find a suitable existing product

white label product

Slap your brand on it

Sell products online

Start selling it online

In the age of the eCommerce entrepreneur, people around the world are building successful online businesses using white-label products.

Looking to create your own eCommerce business? We'll help you find high-quality white-label products your customers will adore.

Let’s find a suitable
sourcing solution for your business

Whether we get together in-person or on Zoom, there's no obligation in your FREE consultation. We'll just sit down for a chat (and perhaps a coffee and muffin).

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Here's what some of our past clients have had to say

When our company needs to verify suppliers, Alan and his team will always go above and beyond to deliver our requirements on time. We are always provided with a detailed report and efficient information to make the right decision prior to ordering with overseas factories. With having been importing for the past 5-years, we understand the importance of due diligence in choosing the right factories from the beginning, this is where TK's expertise is essential. We have found that TK's service is very affordable, efficient and it's a pleasure to continue working with TK and the team from Epic Sourcing

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— Adam Nicholl
Managing Director

Delivereasy has worked alongside Epic Sourcing to help source and import numerous merchandise and operating equipment to NZ for years. Alan and his team make every step of the process easy and even enjoyable. We highly recommend using these guys if you need anything imported for your business.

— Nick Foster
Co-founder of Delivereasy
Do business in Clike it’s right down the road

Sourcing from Asia alone is a daunting prospect. Epic Sourcing brings the country a little closer to home.

We streamline the process, circumvent the uncertainty, and simplify your sourcing--easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The top sourcing agency for small Aussie businesses

We love working with eager start-ups and passionate entrepreneurs. Whether you're importing or manufacturing a product, we'll find a sourcing solution for you, even if you're on a modest budget.

Manufacture a brand new product

Import ready-made products from Asia

With a slew of tailor-made solutions and ad-hoc one-off services, we can circumvent the uncertainty of sourcing from Asia.

A sourcing agent you can trust

Epic provides personalised sourcing solutions for Aussie businesses, both big and small. Our aim is to build trustful, long-lasting relationships with our clients, so they can easily navigate the complexities of the product sourcing world.

From finding the right supplier to product shipping and everything in-between, Epic is your one-stop-shop for sourcing services and support. Product sourcing made simple.

TK at Epicsourcing

At Epic, we’re helping Aussie businesses source from Asia sustainably and ethically. We'll connect your business to manufacturers and suppliers that comply with the highest standards. The once-tarnished 'Made in China' image is being redefined, and we're proud to be part of that positive change. Read more about our commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing.

Want to make ethics and sustainability part of your brand? Get in touch with us today.

This is gonna be Epic

We can’t wait to get the ball rolling. Let's chat about finding a sourcing solution for your business.

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How to find reliable suppliers in China

  • What to look for when researching suppliers
  • Actionable advice from industry experts
  • Tips to help you save time and money
how to import products from china from verified suppliers
BONUS: Manufacturer prospecting spreadsheet